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How's your Handling? Delta Knows.

With Coach Dave Delta you will now be able to get a quick overview of your cars handling with the new Delta Handling Widget. Subscribe to Delta, your very own performance engineer.

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Pro Setups Automatically Installed with Coach Dave Delta

Elevate your sim racing game with Coach Dave Delta! Access 1000+ pro setups instantly, professionally crafted for iRacing and ACC. Effortless installation, peak performance guaranteed. Subscribe now and race like a champion.

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The ultimate tool in Sim Racing is this K400 from Logitech

K400 is a quiet, easy-to-use keyboard with a built-in touchpad, and all the hotkeys Windows users know and love. Without this keyboard, Sim Racers would have no way to navigate. Bulletproof, light and incredible battery life.

1,987 ACC Crossplay
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