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2,339 ACC PlayStation
2,169 ACC PlayStation
1,988 ACC PlayStation
2,090 ACC PlayStation

Ready to take sim racing to the next level?

The correct set of pedals will make you faster. Whether you go for the La Prima or Forte, you can upgrade all the way to the Hydraulic Invicta Pedals. Get competitive now!

2,125 ACC PlayStation
2,331 ACC PlayStation
2,077 ACC PlayStation
2,198 ACC PlayStation
2,260 ACC PlayStation

Functional & Affordable High-end Sim Racing Hardware

The Turn R305 wheel works with any driving simulator and has quickly gained popularity, often being called the best sim racing steering wheel!

1,838 ACC PlayStation
2,018 ACC PlayStation
2,044 ACC PlayStation
2,179 ACC PlayStation
2,187 ACC PlayStation

Crossing the limits, extraordinary performance.

SIMAGIC P1000 Modular Pedals feature a brand new optimized design, eliminating complicated installation procedures.

2,047 ACC PlayStation
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Eliminate the complexities of managing your league through spreadsheets and discord servers. Opt for SimGrid. Effortlessly organize events, discover new drivers, explore different games, and transform the sim racing experience for both you and your community.

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