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SimGrid is the perfect place for sim racers to test their skills and have fun. No matter your experience level, you'll find exciting opportunities to compete in leagues and endurance events against fellow drivers.


2 Sims, 1000s of Setups, 1 Price

All the ACC and iRacing setups you'll ever need. All auto-installed and managed the Coach Dave Delta app.

PS5. Direct Drive.

Introducing the official Direct Drive Wheel for Gran Turismo®. Combining PlayStation®5 console performance with Fanatec Direct Drive technology for the smoothest and most dynamic force feedback sensations.


Races Starting Soon

Here are some races with available space that you can enter right away.

iRacing PC
Entry Closes about 1 hour
  • LMP3 - PRO Class
  • Daytona International Speedway Track

This race is part of the Operation Motorsport Season 7 championship.

1,993 iRacing PC
Entry Closes about 2 hours
  • GT4 AM Class
  • Zandvoort Track

This race is part of the Fall GT4 Rookies championship.

1,872 ACC PC
Entry Closes about 3 hours
  • 110 Min Duration
  • GT4 Class
  • Zolder Track

This race is part of the ORL EXHIBITION FUN RACE championship.

2,201 ACC PC
Entry Closes about 3 hours
  • GT3 - GT3 Class
  • Monza Track
2,406 ACC PC

Max Max Max Super Max

Emulate your racing heroes with this Incredible, officially-licensed, Fanatec F1 Rim.

F1 2023 XP
Entry Closes about 20 hours
  • Split 1 Class
  • Las Vegas Track

This race is part of the Formula 1 | Div 1 championship.

2,000 F1 2023 Crossplay
Entry Closes about 20 hours
  • 150 Min Duration
  • GT4 - M4 GT4 Class
  • Circuit of the Americas Track
Hosted by Race Club UK

This race is part of the Race Club UK BMW Mini Series championship.

2,169 ACC PlayStation
Entry Closes about 21 hours
  • 135 Min Duration
  • SILVER Class
  • Indianapolis Track

This race is part of the FRL • PS5 • TACOS TUESDAY SEASON 11 championship.

2,025 ACC PlayStation
Entry Closes about 22 hours
  • Ferrari Challenge Class
  • Monza Track
Hosted by The Italian Job

This race is part of the 4FUN TROFEO GENTLEMAN championship.

1,977 ACC PC

The new StandarDD

Take your racing experience to the ultimate level with Fanatec Direct Drive technology.

From track to trail: One wheel, endless possibilities

Introducing our Button Boxes, customize your experience by easily swapping different steering wheel rims. Rally or GT? The choice is yours.


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