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2023 Season 4- Ginetta GT4 Supercup

Hosted by Lightspeed Stampede ACC on PlayStation Followers Only
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Start Date
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  • Championship will be 5 rounds
  • Each round is two races (double sprints)
  • The format for each round is as follows... Practice- 45min, Qualifying 1- 10min, Race 1- 20min, Qualifying 2- 10min, Race 2- 20min
  • This is a one-make series! ALL drivers must ONLY drive the Ginetta GT4 car. Arriving in any other GT4 car will result in all points forfeited and a warning will be issued to driver (2 warnings = qualifying ban, 3 warnings= 3 race ban, 4 warnings= season ban, 5 warnings= permanent ban)
  • Top 3 finishers of the first race are NOT ALOUD to qualify for the 2nd race in the same round! If you finished in the top 3 in the first sprint, STAY IN THE GARAGE during qualifying for the 2nd sprint!
  • BOTH RACES ARE SCORED! We are NOT just taking the highest placing of the two sprints!
  • No mandatory pit stops for the entire season, all pit stops are optional


Lightspeed Stampede

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Classes & Cars

  • Ginetta GT4

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