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Slipstream International
585 Followers 18 Events 4 Boosts Bronze Partner

Slipstream International

We run competitive championships that run on a great timing for Oceania, Asia and Europe on PC.

2,025 ACC PC
1,986 ACC PC
2,011 ACC PC
1,941 ACC PC
2,185 ACC PC
2,029 ACC PC
1,988 ACC Xbox
2,019 ACC Xbox
2,006 ACC PC
1,982 ACC PC

Other Hosts

four wheels

We welcome everyone - no matter your pace or ability. The only requirement is respect for the opponent and clean racing.

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Noobs "R" Us

We are a community of sim racers who are passionate about improving their skills and learning from each other.

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Zazza Racing Community

Community Sim Racing

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Velocity International Racing League

Welcome to Velocity! We are a group of like-minded sim racers looking to compete in tough but fair racing across ACC and beyond.

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