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Harakiri Racing
1954 Followers 54 Events 8 Boosts Silver Partner

Harakiri Racing

Thriving Czech simracing hub, uniting global drivers of every skill level. Unleash your passion for simracing with a welcoming community.

3,086 ACC MOD PC
2,254 AC MOD PC
2,812 ACC MOD PC
2,826 ACC MOD PC
2,868 ACC MOD PC
2,846 ACC MOD PC
2,617 ACC MOD PC
2,586 ACC MOD PC
1,963 ACC MOD PC
3,650 ACC MOD PC
2,610 AC MOD PC
3,260 ACC PC
2,170 AC PC
2,618 ACC MOD PC
2,944 ACC MOD PC

Other Hosts

North American F1 Championship

Weekly races in NA friendly times

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Advanced Motorsports Racing League

GTP League with 90 min races and 3 180min races. 14 week calendar, races twice a month on Sundays at 8pm EST. Join the discord for more info

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0 Boosts
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Scuderia Plettenberg eSports

Wir sind eine neue Community die ACC liebt und Events f├╝r PC- und Konsolenfahrer anbietet

4 Events
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A casual group of drivers, pilots, and gamers.

3 Events
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