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Delta Racing League | Pre-season GT4 race


Note: these details have not been finalized, please check back for updates

Welcome to the DRL Pre-season Donington Park Porsche Cup race! We are a relaxed sim racing community that emphasizes discussion and friendly attitude, where beginners and veterans alike can race together, improve, banter, and - most importantly - have fun with a hobby we all share!

You need to be verified on our Discord to be able to participate in this race, so please join the DRL Discord server and make sure you follow instructions in #readme-and-rules to get the correct role. This requires an SA of at least 50.

If the grid is full, we will remove unverified teams to make space for those on the waitlist who have been verified.

Server details

Server: [drlna] Delta Racing League | GT4 @ Oulton Park Race Password: See Discord #eu-na-race-day-info for the server password on the day of the race.

The server will restart an hour before the quali session. During the week prior to the race, the server will be used as a practice server with settings comparable to those during the race.

We expect a mix of EU and NA drivers; anyone is welcome to participate but we do require your ping to be sufficiently good to not lead to dangerous lagging for other drivers.

Rules and racing standards

Please check the #readme-and-rules channel in the discord a link to the rulebook.

For this race, there will be live stewarding.


(The format is subject to change) 1 hour practice session, 30 minute qualification session, 45 minute race


Delta Racing League

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Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via Delta Racing League's Discord Server.

Event Dates

Start Date
Race Day
Next Round
Event Completed Results

Classes & Cars

  • Alpine GT4
  • Aston Martin GT4
  • Audi R8 GT4
  • BMW M4 GT4
  • Chevrolet Camaro GT4
  • Ginetta GT4
  • KTM GT4
  • Maserati GT4
  • McLaren 570s GT4
  • Mercedes-AMG GT4
  • Porsche Cayman GT4

No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
10 Points
No Show Penalty
5 Points
Withdrawals Allowed