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Have A Very Merry CRSmas

OVERVIEW : This is the first Offcial CRS Community Event Using the Sim Grid as a Hosting page !! 
Our first event will be "Have A Very Merry CRSmas" A one off event introducing you all to CRS. THIS IS A FREE EVENT and a single driver event. 

THE EVENT : For our first event on Sim Grid we have decided to give you all a one make race, using the BMW GT4 car! We will be tackleing the challenging Zandvoort Circuit meaning that track space will be at a premium but the racing should be close, exciting and want you all coming back for more events in the new year ! The Race will be 60 Minutes with a Practise and Qualifying session preceeding the race. 


SIGN UP PROCESS This event is a first-come-first-serve basis and we will only be having one split. Once the grid is full, you can register as one of the 10 reserve drivers. 

EVENT TIMETABLE Thursday 16th December: Practice - 20.00 GMT Driver briefing - 20:35 GMT Qualifying - 20:40 GMT Pre Race - 20.55 GMT Race - 21:00 GMT

PIT STOPS There will be 1 mandatory pit stop in this event. There will be no pit window leaving the choice to you as when to pit. You must take a new set of tires in the Pit Stop

STEWARDING There will be no live stewarding for this event, please remember this is a for fun event, so we will only look at incidents post race. Any time penaltys will also be added post race. And any rule violations will also be dealt with within the CRS Discord. By no means will we accept any unsportsmanlike behaviour out on track. Be respectful and use the gentleman rule of racing as well as respecting CRS Rules and Regulations. Use of in game chat during the race is forbidden. Any driver doing so can see themselves disqualified

DISCORD Please make sure you are part of the CRS Discord. All driver briefings will take place within the discord itself. Please join here Join Our Discord!

CUSTOM LIVERIES Custom liveries are not permitted for this event. This is so we can ensure a smooth running server for our first event

WITHDRAW AND RESERVES If you are signed up to this event but are then unavailable to attend, please click "manage registration" and then click "leave championship" so that your slot will be given to the first listed reserve driver


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Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via CRS - Concept Racing Community 's Discord Server.

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