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VTRX - Vtracc Racing Experience

Hosted by tracc.eu Racing Community iRacing on PC Followers Only
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VTuber stars, equal cars

This is the schedule for the upcoming VTRX season. All tracks are free!

  1. Lime Rock Park (Grand Prix)
  2. Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
  3. USA International (Dirt)
  4. Tsukuba Circuit (2000 Full)

All events will feature two 7 minute heat races followed by a feature race of approximately 45 minutes.

The races will be fixed setups, using setups provided by iRacing. Check the details for each individual race below.

how do i sign up?

This is a racing series specifically for VTubers. This includes anyone streaming or making other video content using virtual avatars such as 3D models, Live2D models, or even PNG avatars. If you fit this criteria, please contact Reska Kyoso on the tracc.eu Discord server, with proof that you are an active VTuber (links to socials, streaming/video websites, etc), the name you are using on SimGrid, and your desired race number. You will then be manually added to the championship.

Join the tracc.eu Discord server

RAce Format

Practice: 30 Minutes

Qualifying: 2 laps (8 mins on road courses, 5 mins on oval)

Heats: 2x 7-minute heat races to decide the order of the inside and outside starting lines. No drivers are eliminated in the heats. Cautions enabled, fun flags disabled

Warmup: 5 minutes

Feature: Approximately 45 minute race - number of laps will vary. Cautions enabled, fun flags enabled.

Fun Flags

Similar to the  'Fun Flags' in the real SRX series, we will be automatically throwing cautions after green flag racing periods. The caution will come out after 10 minutes of green flag running. A caution caused by an incident on-track will reset this counter. Fun flags will not be called in the final 20 laps of the race on ovals, or final 10 laps on road courses.

Guest Drivers

Some races will feature a guest driver - these drivers will be relevant to tracc.eu VTuber racing or other tracc.eu series! Similar to the 'local legend' element of the original SRX series.

Lime Rock - Paige Morton (tracc.eu Coliseum Clash podium finisher)

Tsukuba - Mark and RJ Came (Vtracc race winner and joint V4H race winners)

Race Details

Setup: Fixed

Tire Sets: TBC

Green, White, Checker: Unlimited attempts

Weather: Fixed conditions (no rain)

Incident Limit: None

Max entrants: 50

"Lucky Dog" Rule: Enabled

Wave arounds: Enabled

Restart Type: Double-file Back

Start Zone: Disabled

Consecutive Cautions Restart Single File: Enabled

Specific Race DEtails:

Lime Rock

Laps: 35

Power: -5%

Sim date & time: April 6th 2024, 10:00AM


Laps: 100

Power: -5%

Sim date & time: 13 April 2024, 22:00

Weather: Clear, 20C/68F, Wind 3kph/2mph north, Humidity 45%

USA International: Dirt

Laps: 80

Power: -5%

Sim date & time: TBC


Laps: 35

Power: -5%

Sim date & time: TBC

Any questions left?

If you have any questions left, please contact Reska Kyoso via our Discord server.

Thanks for your interest and see you on the racetracc!


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Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via tracc.eu Racing Community's Discord Server.

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