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rF2 Launch Party

Hosted by SimGrid rF2 on PC
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For the first time ever, the SimGrid is hosting a race in rFactor2!

We have been working hard to bring support for rF2 to the SimGrid website for some time now, and now that it is ready we are proud to host a celebratory one off event using the sim.

For this event, we will be sticking with the latest free content available in the sim, the BMW M4 Class 1 at the newly updated Zandvoort 2021 circuit. The race will be 60 minutes long with no mandatory pit stops.

As this will be our first ever event held on rF2, we will be keeping things small and will provide just one split with space for 35 cars.


This is a first-come-first-serve event. Register quickly to secure your space on the grid. Once the grid is full, you can register as a reserve driver. Should any driver drop out of the event, you will be added to the event automatically and contacted on discord by the SimGrid bot.


Practice - 20:00 CEST
Drivers Briefing - 20:30 CEST
Qualifying - 20:40 CEST
Race - 21:00 CEST


There will be no mandatory pit stops.


There is no stewarding for this event, neither live or post-race.


This event will be broadcast on the Official SimGrid YouTube



If you are signed up but then unavailable to attend, please click "manage registration" and then click "leave event" so that your slot will be given to the first listed reserve driver.

For the full rule set, please click here



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Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via SimGrid's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • BMW M4 Class1 2021

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