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Motorsport UK Esports Silverstone 300

Hosted by Motorsport UK Esports iRacing on PC Followers Only
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To kick off 2024 we'd like to introduce the Motorsport UK Esports Silverstone 300. 300km's of the UK's most famous circuit - Silverstone. In a break from the real-world this will be Motorsport UK Esport's first ever event for Prototype cars with LMDh and LMP3 machinery lining up on the grid.


  • This event is for drivers who are 16 years old and older - if a driver is proven to be younger than 16 they will be disqualified from the event
  • All drivers must have a Paid Motorsport UK Esports Membership - https://esports.motorsportuk.org/membership/
  • There is no additional entry fee for the event


To register for this event, click the "Register" button. On the next screen, select your car, the class you want to compete in and your desired car number.


  • Practice - 19:30 GMT
  • Qualifying - 20:20 GMT - (Lone Qualifying, 3 Laps, 10 Minutes)
  • Race - 20:30 GMT (race length is 51 laps (300km) for the LMDh class)


There are no prizes for the top 3 in each class, however Next Level Racing have provided their Pro Gaming Chair Leather Edition

The chair will be allocated at random to a driver who completes at least 80% (41 laps) of the race distance.


LMDh - Acura ARX-06, BMW M Hybrid V8, Cadillac V-Series.R GTP, Porsche 963 GTP

LMP3 - Liger JS P320

PRO in each class - For any driver who has ever reached more than 3,500 iRating

AM in each class - For any driver who does not meet the PRO criteria


There is no official stewarding for this event and will rely solely on the in built iRacing automated incident system. However members of staff from Motorsport UK will be on hand during the event and if there is any inappropriate behaviour during the race then action may be taken against the offending driver.


  • Rolling Start - short parade lap
  • Solo drivers only
  • Fixed Setups
  • Fast Repairs: 1
  • Mandatory pitstop
  • 100% fuel tank size
  • Minimum Licence: Class D 2.0
  • Drive Through Penalty after 30x and every 10x after that
  • Strict qualifying in game scrutineering
  • No Safety Car
  • No event specific BoP


There will be  at least x3 official practice servers setup in the week running up to the event. To get the information on these please make sure you join our Discord server and 'Assign Discord Role' in the top right of this page once you have registered for the event.


The in-sim game date will be set to 15th May 'Noon', The weather will be set to "Generate" and 'Dynamic Sky' will be enabled. All sessions after practice will have marbles set to 'Carry Over'


As there is no broadcast of the event all drivers are free to use your own liveries through Trading Paints. However all liveries used must adhere to the iRacing Paint Policy found here (policy updated 08/12/21)

Any politically charged or potentially offensive material on a custom livery will see the driver banned from the race.


Motorsport UK Esports

741 Followers · 8 Events

LMDh - PRO 2,269
8 10
LMDh - AM 2,063
23 25
LMP3 - PRO 2,066
8 10
LMP3 - AM 1,983
15 15

Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via Motorsport UK Esports's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • BMW M Hybrid V8
  • Cadillac V-Series.R GTP
  • Porsche 963 GTP
  • Acura ARX-06
  • Porsche 963 GTP
  • Acura ARX-06
  • BMW M Hybrid V8
  • Cadillac V-Series.R GTP
  • Liger JS P320
  • Liger JS P320

No-Show Rules

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Motorsport UK Esports

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