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LMP3 Endurance Championship

  • Drivers must be 3000 iRating or Lower, Unless Permitted as Special Entry
  • Special exemptions are long time NWSR community members or Special Invitees

Race Format:

Saturday 5pm PST / 8pm EST Session Start

2hr Races, mixed in 90 min races

Full Course Competition Cautions, minimum 1-2 competition cautions per race. 

  • Full Course Cautions may be thrown by Race Admins for wrecks & pile-ups.
  • 3 Fast Repairs
  • 2-3 races a month
  • 45min practice, Solo Qualy w/ Driver Briefing, 90min & 120min races

Admin Selected Fixed Setups announced & Shared earlier in the race week.

Points Format

Point are tracked on an external spreadsheet. Details will be in our series dedicated Discord channel.

  • Run the first 2 races standard, then shift into a class driver skill system (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Class points breakdown: Gold 100%, Silver 105%, Bronze 110%
  • Class allotment will be adjusted during season based on driver performance
  • Missed race without withdraw on SimGrid: -3 Driver Points

Top 3 Individuals in points = $ Prizes ($20, $10, $5)

Points Style         Bonus Points [Top 10@1st Competition Caution]         Extra Point Payouts

P1:40 Driver Points         P1:10 Driver Points                                              1st win: +5 Driver Points

P2:35                                P2:9                                                         Most laps led : +3 Driver Points

P3:30                                P3:8                          Combined Team Fastest AVG Lap: +3 Team Points

P4:29                                P4:7                                                 Most Spots Gained: +2 Driver Points

P5:28                                P5:6                                     Highest Qualifier per Class: +2 Driver Points

etc                                    etc                                                                    Led a Lap: +1 Driver Point

100% Gold/105% Silver/110% Bronze Percentages Applied Race 3 onwards.

Applies to Race Finish Points & Bonus Points.

Extra payouts NOT included in Percentage Bonus.

Team Points

Team Points Follow Same Format!!!! Team Points will be based on the same Points Style & Bonus Points format as the standard Individual Driver points.  Top 3 teams in points = $ Prizes [Split between team members]  ($30, $20, $10)

  • In Situation multiple Top 3 Drivers finish in the Top 3 of teams. Additional $10 bonus added.
  • Example: P1 & P3 in Overall Driver Points finish 2nd overall in team points; They receive $30 instead of $20 as a team.
  • F1 style team championship with multiple cars on track.
  • Teammates are REQUIRED to run matching livery.
  • Makes it easier for Streaming & Post-Race points counting by Admins & Steward
  • Teams are in 2 man groups. Up to 3 members per team allowed but only top 2 scores count per race.
  • Team member swapping is allowed until race 4, then rosters are locked

Submit your iRacing Profile # to @Jaydon Ledbeter once you have joined the discord.


New World Sim Racing

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Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via New World Sim Racing's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • Liger JS P320

No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
100 Points
No Show Penalty
0 Points
Withdrawals Allowed