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RTO Porsche Cup British Championship

Hosted by RTO League Racing ACC on PC Followers Only
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RTO Porsche Cup British Championship


1 x 10 min Practice 8pm UK time

1 x 15 min Quali 8.10pm UK time

1 x 25 min Race 8.20pm UK time Final Round is 45 mins!


None Required in this Championship


The use of custom liveries made outside of the game is permitted in this sprint series. Any politically charged or potentially offensive material on a custom livery will see that driver banned from the series. We use Awesome SimRacing for all our livery needs, so be sure to upload your livery to our community and it will get synced with our broadcaster, you can do this here: https://alpha.awesome-simracing.com/collection/519


If a driver is unavailable to attend a round in the championship, then use the withdraw function. This is found by clicking on the `Races` tab, and then `Admin` on the round you need to withdraw from. There you will find the withdraw button. Please check the info tab to see how many sign-outs are permitted. If a driver has withdrawn from a race but wishes to attend the race after all, please contact a staff member as the slot may have already been filled by a reserve driver.


RTO League Racing

84 Followers · 5 Events

Porsche Cup - PRO 2,788
9 15
Porsche Cup - Silver 2,200
12 20

Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via RTO League Racing's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • Porsche 992 GT3 Cup
  • Porsche 992 GT3 Cup

No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
20 Points
No Show Penalty
10 Points
Withdrawals Allowed
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