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FRS F4 Tour S2

Hosted by FRS iRacing on PC Followers Only
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Come join FRS as the F4 Tour makes a return for a second season, now on SimGrid! 8 rounds of Monday racing in action-packed sprint/feature races open to all wanting to hustle the FIA F4 around a variety of tracks with a friendly and inviting community of racers. This is a solo-championship with no minimum road licence/iRating required. F4 Tour S2 features gold/silver/bronze class championships in addition to the overall crown so everyone has something to fight for across the field :)


Mondays (see RACES tab for race dates)

  • 18:00 UTC: Practice
  • 18:45 UTC: Driver's Briefing
  • 19:00 UTC: Open Qualifying, 10 minutes
  • 19:10 UTC: Sprint, 15 minutes
  • 19:30 UTC: Feature, 25 minutes (Mandatory pitstop)
  • Drive-through at 13x and every 6x after (No DQ)
  • 1 Fast Repair available per sprint/feature
  • Fixed setup
  • Session hosted in FRS Sim Racing league in iRacing UI


  • Register for the F4 Tour on SimGrid
  • This will automatically invite/enter you to our FRS Discord with the F4 role which handles all league discussions/announcements

Broadcast - FRSMotorsports twitch


We have a dedicated group of admins reviewing race incidents & protests post-race. For those interested, we will make use of the iRacing Live Stewarding App to achieve this. We are using our own ruleset that we expect all drivers to (see our Rules here). All race protests should be submitted for a given event with 48 hours of race event end.


We love to see custom paints used in our races! We advice for drivers to Trading Paints since our broadcast will be using TP as well - do sort out your liveries through this tool if you wish to see your car's paint on the stream. Naturally, as this is iRacing, we urge people to abide by the iRacing rules and not pick paints that fall foul of them (i.e. nsfw/offensive/politically charged liveries). We reserve the right to remove offending drivers from the race if need be.



288 Followers · 7 Events

GOLD - Formula 4 2,051
14 50
SILVER - Formula 4 1,984
17 50
BRONZE - Formula 4 2,026
16 50

Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via FRS's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • Formula iR-04
  • Formula iR-04
  • Formula iR-04

No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
15 Points
No Show Penalty
0 Points
Withdrawals Allowed