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*** NEW MEMBERS / DRIVERS PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THIS FIRST *** 3 Stooges RF2 Fun Racing Server Events -  Saturdays - 7.30pm(ACST) -max 30** Drivers *** PLEASE READ ALL THE BELOW CAREFULLY *** 3 Stooges RF2 Fun Racing Server Event is Saturday nights (Australia)! ** Maximum 30 Drivers. First come first serve except at this stage we often have one (1) or two (2) drivers from the USA who get up between 2am and 4am to join us for Quali and Racing so two (2) slots are reserved for them leaving 28 slots when they join us. If you are the 29th or 30th to join and the server remains full when they request to join I may have to kindly ask that you leave to make a spare slot.

This server is about having fun and that requires that all drivers show proper racing etiquette and race fair and clean. That means that if a car is up along side you (generally at least half of their car or more into a corner) or has overlap on a straight, that you leave them adequate racing room! This also means no punting from behind or pushing anyone off the track or into a slide! Do not push to pass! If you make a mistake and take someone out or overtake someone illegally then please immediately apologise on Discord and ensure you redress your position as soon as possible but be careful not to hinder any other drivers that may be around you so you may need to pull off the side of the track. If redressing costs you a number of positions then so be it. The only time you do not need to redress is if the other driver specifically tells you not to worry about redressing and to continue on. Communication at the time of on track incidents is key so things can be sorted out on track at that time if at all possible. Often a driver will not know or be unsure that they have made contact or not know that they have taken you out which is where communication from the effected driver is key. Sometimes these incidents can even become evident in our replays and if no action was taken on the night then acknowledgment and apology, if necessary, should at least be made after the fact. If that can't be agreed upon during the race then please leave it until after the race to discuss and I am sure Tony Big Tits Binelli (now our official Race Director) is happy to check the replay and advise lol. Verbal abuse or persistently bad or aggressive driving which results in taking other drivers out will eventually result in a ban. Clean racing makes it more fun for everyone.

Please also ensure that you avoid cutting or exceeding the track limits during racing and especially on your hot lap during qualifying. If you accidentally cut or exceed the track limits during your hot lap during qualifying then you MUST back off to ensure it is not your fastest qualifying lap. During racing continually cutting or exceeding the track limits will be frowned upon and footage may be shown in this group so that we can all learn what not to do! Do not rely on the game or the crew chief to let you know when you have cut or exceeded the track limits as it is not always accurate and can be track dependent. There is a good post and picture further below which shows what is and what is not acceptable with regards to track limits.


Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via 3 Stooges RF2 Fun Racing Server Group's Discord Server.

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No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
10 Points
No Show Penalty
5 Points
Withdrawals Allowed
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