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Next Quick Race :: Monza 12min 0 Grid Open

Sunday Speed Series

Hosted by SFR GT Challenge F1 2023 on Crossplay Followers Only
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Your Direct Drive Starts Here · Race Anywhere

Alpha Mini Direct Drive; 10Nm Entry level Direct Drive Wheelbase. With 10Nm maximum torque and 200MHz processor, feel the upgrade of force feedback, the precision and authenticity that have been absent from any non-direct drive.

We are super excited to have you all with us as we get ready to begin our inaugural  F1 championship hitting some of the most iconic racing circuits in the world! SFRGT will have a dedicated discord channel where you will find each Round's Race Details which includes everything required from pit stops, fuel etc. 

Click Here to Join Discord 

Registration is first come first serve - 20 grid spots and 10 reserve seats are available. Registrants shall read the detailed rules on Discord. Race Details for each Round will be updated on Discord one (1) week prior to the start of the race. Final Results, Stats & Overall Standings will be updated on SimGrid. All races will have the same start time at around 12:00PM (EDT) or (EST) with the same format (unless specified) in the schedule.

  • 12:00PM EST - FP: 1 Session
  • 01:00PM EST - Q: Short
  • 01:30PM EST - R: 50%
  • Round 1: Saudi GP (Warmup Race)
    • Weather: Clear Night
    • Forecast Accuracy: Approximate
  • Round 2: Miami GP
    • Weather: Dynamic Day
    • Forecast Accuracy: Approximate
  • Round 3: British GP 
    • Weather: Cloudy Day
    • Forecast Accuracy: Approximate
  • Round 4: Belgian GP
    • Weather: Dynamic Day
    • Forecast Accuracy: Approximate
  • Round 5: Singapore GP
    • Weather: Wet Night
    • Forecast Accuracy: Approximate
  • Round 6: Mexico GP 
    • Weather: Cloudy Day
    • Forecast Accuracy: Approximate
  • Round 7: Las Vegas GP
    • Weather: Clear Night
    • Forecast Accuracy: Approximate
  • Round 8: Abu Dhabi GP
    • Weather: Clear Night
    • Forecast Accuracy: Approximate

    The boring bits

    Car Category: World Car

    Car Setup: Full

    Rules and Flags: On

    Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict

    Parc Fermé Rules: On

    Pit Stop Experience: Immersive

    Safety Car: Standard

    Safety Car Experience: Immersive

    Formation Lap: On

    Formation Lap Experience: Immersive

    Red Flags: Standard

    Affects License Level: On

    Equal Car Performance: On

    Recovery Mode: None

    Surface Type: Realistic

    Low Fuel Mode: Hard

    Race starts: Manual

    Tyre Temperature: Surface and Carcass

    Pit Lane Tyre Sim: On

    Unsafe Pit Release: On

    Car Damage: Reduced

    Car Damage Rate: Standard

    Forecast Accuracy: Approximate

    Steering Assist: Off

    Braking Assist: Off

    Anti-Lock Brakes: On

    Traction Control: Medium

    Dynamic Racing Line: Full

    Gearbox: Manual

    Pit Assist: Off

    Pit Release Assist: Off

    ERS Assist: Off

    DRS Assist: Off

    Practice Format: Single Session

    Qualifying Format: Short

    Session Length: Long (50%)

    Starting Grid: Qualifying

    Collisions: On

    Off for First Lap Only: Off

    Off For Griefing: Enabled

    DNS gives a 5 point deduction

    20 points gives series DSQ


    SFR GT Challenge

    485 Followers · 21 Events

    F1 2,001
    10 20

    Event Communications

    Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via SFR GT Challenge's Discord Server.

    Classes & Cars

    • Alfa Romeo F1 Team Kick
    • Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team
    • BWT Alpine F1 Team
    • McLaren F1 Team
    • Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team
    • MoneyGram Haas F1 Team
    • Oracle Red Bull Racing
    • Scuderia AlphaTauri
    • Scuderia Ferrari
    • Williams Racing

    No-Show Rules

    Max Allowed Penalties
    20 Points
    No Show Penalty
    5 Points
    Withdrawals Allowed