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DML | GR86 Cup | 23S4

Hosted by Delta Motorsports League iRacing on PC Followers Only
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DML | GR86 CUP | 23S4
Hello and welcome to Delta Motorsports League's GR86 Cup 23S4! 

This series is intended for drivers of all licenses and experience levels. The only requirements are fun, a good attitude, and respectful driving between competitors.  

Events are weekly on Saturday afternoons (US Eastern Time)  

For more information on the series visit: http://gr86.racedml.com

How to join the series:
1) Join the Delta Motorsports League Discord: http://discord.gg/simracing
2) Join Delta Motorsports League on iRacing by either:      
     • iRacing Launcher league search feature (Search: "Delta Motorsports League")      

     • iRacing Website: Delta Motorsports League

Required Content

• This series only utilizes circuits included in the base iRacing subscription.

• All participants are driving the GR86.

(No other purchases are necessary beyond the base iRacing subscription.)

Double "Feature Race" Format

• The series features two 20 minute feature races.

• The grid starting order for race one is determined by qualifying. 

• The grid starting order for race two is the reverse finish order of race one. 

e.g. Race one winner starts last and last place starts first.        

Each event itinerary be as follows:
• Practice: 1800 UTC / 2:00pm EST (30min)
• Qualifying: 1830 UTC / 2:30pm EST (Individual 10min / 3 Laps)

• Race One Start: 1840 UTC / 2:40pm EST (20 minute sprint)

• Race Two Start: 1900 UTC / 3:00pm EST (20 minute sprint)

Seven Round Series:
• July 22 - Tsukuba Circuit (Full)
• July 29 - Lime Rock (West Bend Chicane)
• Aug 05 - Charlotte (RC Medium)
• Aug 12 - Laguna Seca

• Aug 19 - Okayama (Short)

• Aug 26 - VIR (North)

• Sep 02 - Oulton Park (Fosters w/Hislop)

*See Championship Rules For Further Details


Delta Motorsports League

96 Followers · 4 Events

GR Cup 1,998
23 50

Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via Delta Motorsports League's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • Toyota GR86

No-Show Rules

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Withdrawals Allowed
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