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MrGit's Daytona 250 #2

Hosted by MrGit SimRacing rF2 on PC
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welcome to the rf2 Daytona 250!

As we've just finished our initial Stockcar race (the Daytona 250), it was suggested that we make this a regular event running every other Wednesday evening...so here we are with the 2nd Daytona 250!

As with the 1st one, we'll have room for up to 30 drivers but this time we'll have reserve spaces for 10 drivers. 

"Drivers will need to exercise caution above all, like getting below the line safely if involved in an incident and if needing repairs, driving under the line the whole way to the pits ect and not on the live track! Also *PLEASE* do NOT drive below the apron line for any reason aside from the descriprion above and when bump drafting another car, make sure you do it with your front bumper as close to the middle of the rear of the car in front...otherwise you risk sending the car your bumping into a spin an wrecking their (and possibly other drivers) race. 

Also, sometimes a simple, quick lift of the throttle is all it takes to avoid a incident in the race and software like crewchief is HIGHLY recommended to be used with the close proximity of other cars around yours."

Practise server opens 1 week before the race.


MrGit SimRacing

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Classes & Cars

  • Centennial StockCar 2018 X Series
  • Edgar GT StockCar 2018 X Series
  • Titan StockCar 2018 X Series

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