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MrGit's Daytona 250

Hosted by MrGit SimRacing rF2 on PC
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welcome to the rf2 daytona 250!

As the rF2 stockcars were recently updated in the Q1 release, i thought it'd be a great idea to take them off to the historic track of Daytona and see how they preform on the legendary 2.5 mile long superspeedway to test out how they handle in a multiplayer race of up to *40* drivers!

Imagine feeling the pul of the draft coming off the banking within a group and grabbing that win on the last lap...sound good? Then get your name down and be ready for the practise server that will go up one week before race day to hone your skills and setup for the chance to win!

"Drivers will need to exercise caution above all, like getting below the line safely if involved in an incident and if needing repairs, driving under the line the whole way to the pits ect and not on the live track!"

Practise server is now running, search ingame for "MrGit"




MrGit SimRacing

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Event Communications

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Classes & Cars

  • Centennial StockCar 2018 X Series
  • Edgar GT StockCar 2018 X Series
  • Titan StockCar 2018 X Series

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