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2023 Radical Esports Cup UK

Hosted by Motorsport UK Esports iRacing on PC Followers Only
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Motorsport UK Esports have partnered with Radical Motorsport to bring you the Radical UK Esports Cup. This is a community focused championship utilising the unique Radical SR10 and four of the UK's most iconic circuits. Please note the following BEFORE registering for this championship.

  • All drivers must be 18 years old or over
  • All drivers must hold a paid Motorsport UK Esports Membership (£24.99 for 12 months) - Info and sign up here - https://esports.motorsportuk.org/membership/ 
  • There is no additional entry fee for this event
  • Drivers must select their class based on iRating. The class split is outlined below


This is a championship for individual drivers. The championship is spread across four rounds with an hour race at each round.

Once you register as a driver you will be allocated a Discord role for this championship in the Motorsport UK Esports Discord server where the championship will be managed.


To try and make the championship as fair as possible we have split the championship into three classes - Am, Pro/Am and Pro, these will be split by iRating. The split is as follows:

  • Pro = 3.5k+
  • Pro/Am = 2k - 3.5k
  • Am = 0 - 2k

Please note - these iRating numbers are a drivers maximum rating ever reached. NOT the rating you have when you sign up.


To register for this event, click the "Register" button. On the next screen, select your team, the drivers of the car, the class you want to compete in, the car and the desired car number.


  • Friday Evenings
  • Practice - 6pm UK time
  • Qualifying - 7:45pm UK time - (Lone Qualifying, 2 Laps, 10 Minutes)
  • Warmup - 7:55pm UK time
  • Race - 8pm - 9pm UK time


The winning driver from each class will receive:

x2 Hospitality tickets to a Radical Cup UK round of their choice


The championship will rely heavily on iRacing's inbuilt automated stewarding system however, as with all Motorsport UK community events we will have post race stewarding process. All incidents must be reported by a driver no later than 1 hour after the race

To have an incident reviewed, you must submit any protests through the protest form here form located here and the stewards will review it and confirm the outcome during or after the race in the Discord server.

PLEASE NOTE: That each Driver will have a maximum of 2 protests available to them for each race


All rounds of the championship will be broadcast on RaceSpot TV and Motorsport UK TV


  • Standing Start
  • Fixed Setup
  • Fast Repairs: 1 per race
  • Minimum Licence: Class D 2.0
  • Drive Through Penalty after 15x incident points and then every 10x after that
  • Strict qualifying in game scrutineering
  • No tyre usage restrictions


The in-sim game time will start at 12pm on the same day as the event is taking place.


All drivers are allowed to use their own liveries for each race, there will be a decal layer that will need to be applied to all cars for the broadcast. 

All paints must conform with the iRacing Paint policy (updated 08/12/21)

Any politically charged or potentially offensive material on a custom livery will see the team banned from the race.


Motorsport UK Esports

755 Followers · 9 Events

PRO 3.5k+ 2,000
9 17
PRO/AM 2k - 3.5k 2,051
14 17
AM 0 - 2k 1,968
14 17

Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via Motorsport UK Esports's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • Radical SR10
  • Radical SR10
  • Radical SR10

No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
10 Points
No Show Penalty
5 Points
Withdrawals Allowed
Event sponsor
Radical Motorsport

Racing in one of Radical's many single-marque race series is the ultimate driving experience. The thrill of battling wheel-to-wheel with over thirty other Radicals provides an adrenaline rush beyond compare.

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