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2023 Radical Esports Cup UK

Hosted by Motorsport UK Esports iRacing on PC Followers Only

2023 Radical Esports Cup UK - Terms and Conditions:


Driver(s): means the Driver(s) taking part in the Event.

Event: means all four Rounds of the Championship as detailed in Clause 12.

Championship: means the 2023 Radical Esports Cup UK

Motorsport UK: means Motorsport UK Association Limited (company number 01344829) whose registered office address is 141 The Command Works Southern Avenue, Bicester Heritage, Bicester, England, OX27 8FY.

Organisers: means Motorsport UK.

Stewards: means the judicial body at the Event responsible for ensuring these Terms and Conditions and driving standards are adhered to during the Event and to allocate penalties.

Team: means the sim racing team entered.

1. Introduction

1.1   The Event is organised and owned by Motorsport UK (the ‘Organisers’).

1.2   The Organisers have the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

1.3   The Organisers have the right to cancel the Event at any time. Should the Organisers cancel the Event a refund of the paid Motorsport UK esports membership shall not be refunded.

1.4   The Event is an esports Championship which will be organised through The SimGrid* website.

1.5   Clarification, interpretation and determination of any rules and these terms and conditions shall be decided by the Organisers.

1.6   By entering and taking part in the Event you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

1.7   Drivers are required to provide their own hardware and software equipment to compete in the Event.

1.8   Driver entries will be accepted at the sole discretion of the Organisers.

1.9   The quality of the internet connection being used by the Driver to compete in the Event is the sole responsibility of the Driver. Should any internet connection issues result in an unnatural performance of the car the Organiser will have the right to remove the Driver from the Event and record a DNF result.

1.10  All Drivers must adhere to the Motorsport UK Race with Respect code of conduct which can be found here. All Drivers must read this before entering the race. Breach of this code may lead to expulsion from the race.

2. Registration and Entry

2.1 Drivers are required to enter the Event as an individual.

2.2 Drivers must be over the age of 18.

2.3 Each Driver that participates in the Event will be required to hold a paid Motorsport UK Esports membership (£24.99).

2.3 There is no additional entry fee to be paid

2.4 Any entry that is incomplete or which contains offensive material or is otherwise spoiled shall be discarded and or rejected as not complying with these Terms and Conditions and shall be void.

2.5 Drivers are permitted to make changes to their entry any number of times prior to the Driver Changes Deadline.

2.6 The ‘Driver Changes Deadline’ is 12:00 BST on Friday 20th October, one week before the start of the Event.

2.7 The car used for the Event is the Radical SR10

2.8 There are three classes within the championship with 17 drivers per class, the classes are as follows:

  • PRO – 3.5k iRating and above
  • PRO/AM – 2k – 3.5k
  • AM/ 0k – 2k

These iRating's are based on the highest rating ever achieved by a driver during their career on iRacing. Not the rating they have at the time of signing up.

 3. Event Details

3.1 The Event timetable is as follows:

  • Practice - 6pm UK time
  • Qualifying - 7:45pm UK time - (Lone Qualifying, 2 Laps, 10 Minutes)
  • Warmup - 7:55pm UK time
  • Race - 8pm - 9pm UK time

3.2 The in-sim game time will be set to 12pm of the real-world date of the event

3.3 The Event Rules are as follows:

  • Standing starts
  • Fast Repairs: 1
  • Minimum Licence: Class D 2.0
  • Drive through Penalty given after 15x incident points and then every 10x after that
  • Strict Qualifying in game scrutineering
  • Fixed Setups
  • One pitstop
  • Unlimited tyres

4. Stewarding

4.1 The Event will be stewarded by iRacing's inbuilt automated stewarding system and the Organisers will have a number of Stewards on hand to review incidents throughout each race.

4.2 To have an incident reviewed, protests must be submitted through the Google Form located here https://shorturl.at/zH037 and the Stewards will review it and confirm the outcome in game and in the Discord server.

4.3 The Stewards and / or Motorsport UK will only consider penalising driving that has resulted in a car being towed to the pits to be repaired ('Meatballed') or multiple positions have been lost by deliberately crashing and / or disrespectful driving.

5 Scoring

5.1 Winners will be chosen based on finishing position.

5.2 The amount of points allocated per position are outlined in Clause 11.

5.3 An additional one point will be awarded to the driver with the fastest lap from each race

6. Liveries

6.1 Each Driver is allowed to use their own liveries for each race, but there will; be an official Championship decal pack which will be issued through the Event Discord channels

6.2 All Drivers must submit there livery at least one week prior to the first round – the location to upload the file can be found in the Discord server.

6.3 All liveries used must adhere to the iRacing Paint Policy found here (policy updated 08/12/21)

6.4 Any politically charged or potentially offensive material on a custom livery will see a Driver banned from the race.

7. Prizes

7.1 The winning Driver in each class shall win x2 Hospitality tickets to a Radical UK round of their choice

collectively the ‘Prizes’.

7.2The Prizes cannot be refunded or exchanged for any cash amount nor exchanged for any other goods or services nor can the Prizes be sold or transferred by the winner to any other person.

7.3 Delivery of the Prize will be effected in a manner at the Organisers discretion.

7.4 The winner agrees that the Organisers (or any third party nominated by the Organisers) may in its sole discretion use the winner’s comments relating to the Prize and their experience for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice and without any fee being paid (including for the avoidance of doubt when responding to any third party).

8. Broadcasting

8.1 All four rounds will be broadcast by RaceSpot TV with commentary and cross broadcast on Motorsport UK TV

9. Conduct

9.1 Drivers or Teams posting negative, disruptive and/or brand-damaging content on social media about the following may result in the Team being disqualified from the Event.

9.2 All Drivers and Teams are expected to respect fellow Competitors, the Organisers and any others associated with the Event.

9.3 Discrimination of any kind; bullying; abusive / aggressive behaviour or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to penalties or disqualification from the Event.

10. Interview Rules

10.1 Teams may be called to interview either pre-race, mid-race (when not driving) or post-races.

10.2 Teams must provide at least one Team representative (Driver or manager) to interview if an interview is requested by the Organisers or The SimGrid.

10.3 Any pre-race interviews will be arranged ahead of time with the Teams.

10.4 If Teams cannot provide a representative to participate in a mid-race interview when requested then this must be communicated to the Organisers.

10.5 All Teams agree to provide at least one Driver per Team, who finish in positions 1-3 of any race to participate in post-race interviews.

10.6 Teams are reminded that all race interviews are broadcast live, and thus all; offensive/unsportsmanlike and defamatory comments made during interviews are prohibited and may be penalised.

10.7 The above conditions do not solely apply to the race but also apply to qualifying.

11.  Data Protection

11.1 The Team and Driver confirms permission for the Organisers to request and use their personal data as necessary for the limited purposes of the Championship including the publication of their name and / or likeness where applicable.

11.2 Should the entry include the submission of a third party’s personal data the entrant confirms they have the permission of that third party to do so and that these Terms and Conditions have been brought to that persons’ attention.

11.3 The Organisers may have to share the personal data of any winner and guest with third parties for the purpose of issuing the Prizes.

*The SimGrid is part of Speed Capital Ltd. 

12. Points structure – for each class

See 'Points' tab

13. Calendar

See 'Races' tab  


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Classes & Cars

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  • Radical SR10
  • Radical SR10

No-Show Rules

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No Show Penalty
5 Points
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