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Racing League - BMW M2 CS Championship

Hosted by Racing League ACC on PC Followers Only
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The Simagic Hub · Race Anywhere

5mm High Quality Carbon Fibre Plate with aluminium body and parts, light-weight and with 8 programmable RBG buttons. Compatible with SIMAGIC wheelbases only

All races will following this time schedule:

Free Practice 15 minutes, Qualifying 30 minutes and the Race 45 minutes

Each session will start at 19.30 (UTC+2). The race server will start at that time and can be found by looking for it in the ACC server list. You can find the server password on the races overview page.

Pitstop: A pitstop is mandatory, refuelling is mandatory but tyre changes are not. There is no pit window.

Weather: Races will either use fixed weather or variable weather. The practice server will be configured with the same weather that applies for the race weekend.

Balance of Power: After each race the top three finishers will get a time penalty added to their BoP balance. The BoP balance is capped at +30 seconds and can never be lower than 0. Penalty time will be added or removed according to this list:

1st: +15 seconds

2nd & 3rd: +10 seconds

4th & 5th: + 5 seconds

6th: 0 seconds

7th & 8th: -5 seconds

9th & 10th: -10 seconds

11th and lower: -15 seconds

The current driver BoP balance will be added as a time penalty for the next race the driver participates in, this penalty needs to be served at the first pitstop during that race.

The BoP balance does not reset after a time penalty is served in a race, it persists throughout the championship.

Racing rules/regulations: An overview of our rules can be found here

Custom Liveries: These are allowed. Get creative! We will share a Google Drive link in our Discord for livery uploads.

Withdrawals: When you can't attend a race please use the withdrawal function for that race. 1 withdrawal is allowed for this season. If you don't use the withdrawal option, you will get 5 penalty points. At 10 penalty points you will be disqualified from the championship.

Drop Score: There will be 1 Drop Score for this season. This means your worst result will be removed from the standings.

Practice server with live results: Check out Racingleague.net for the best times from our practice server!

Discord: All drivers must join our Discord server. Our Discord server is the main channel of communication between us as organisers and you the drivers.

It is mandatory for every driver when joining our Discord server to change their server nickname to their real first name and last name.


Racing League

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Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via Racing League's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • BMW M2 CS Racing

No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
10 Points
No Show Penalty
5 Points
Withdrawals Allowed