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Mrgit's INDY 100 *minutes*

Hosted by MrGit SimRacing rF2 on PC
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*PLEASE NOTE, DUE TO current LOW SIGNUPS, THIS HAS NOW BEEN REARRANGED FOR MAY 25th, i understand if you wish to withdraw but signups will remain open and hopefully we can push on and race on the new date. :) *

Hi and welcome to my 1st rFactor 2 event on the Sim Grid, the MrGit INDY 100 *minutes*! 

1 hour and 40 minutes of racing around the iconic oval circuit of Indianapolis in the latest generation indycar - the IR18. 

The speeds will be high and the racing close with drafting a crucial factor...will you come out on top? 


MrGit SimRacing

87 Followers · 12 Events

Event Split - IndyCar 2,061
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