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SimGrid is the perfect place for sim racers to test their skills and have fun. No matter your experience level, you'll find exciting opportunities to compete in leagues and endurance events against fellow drivers.


TR8 Pro Racing Simulator

The TR8 Pro is an upgraded version of the popular Trak Racer TR8. It ticks all of the boxes for a Sim Rig that assembles in 30-60 minutes. It's Strong, Adjustable, and has an Integrated Monitor Stand.

Coach Dave Delta - Your Performance Engineer

Unrivaled value in sim racing! Coach Dave Delta delivers pro setups, widgets, and more for peak performance. Elevate your game without breaking the bank!


Races Starting Soon

Here are some races with available space that you can enter right away.

iRacing PC
Entry Closes about 5 hours
  • GT3 - Split 1 Class
  • Rudskogen Motorsenter Track
Hosted by SFR GT Challenge

This race is part of the iRacing Season 1: GT3 championship.

1,990 iRacing PC
Entry Closes about 5 hours
  • GT3 Class
  • Laguna Seca Track

This race is part of the SuperBaked Racing Saturday Extravaganza championship.

1,987 ACC Crossplay
Entry Closes about 12 hours
  • 90 Min Duration
  • GT3 Class
  • Suzuka Track

This race is part of the MARL 2024 ACC GT3 Championship, Season 1 championship.

1,980 ACC Xbox
Entry Closes about 17 hours
  • 285 Min Duration
  • Solo Class
  • Silverstone Track

This race is part of the Virtual 4 Hours - Season 24 | 1 championship.

2,445 ACC PC

A competitive advantage, right at your fingertips

The sleek Turn Button Plate (BP2) plugs into the PC via a coiled USB cable and can work with any sim racing wheel base with a 70mm bolt pattern. 6 tactile pushbuttons, 2 rotary encoders and 2 of the 7-in-1 "Funky" switches.

Entry Closes about 21 hours
  • 75 Min Duration
  • GT3 - PRO/AM Class
  • Imola Track
Hosted by four wheels

This race is part of the OPEN EVENT | Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari 45 championship.

1,957 ACC PC
iRacing PC
Entry Closes about 22 hours
  • GT3 Class
  • Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve Track
Hosted by Raceface.Pro

This race is part of the Mini Endurance Series | 2024 | SEASON 1 championship.

1,972 iRacing PC
Entry Closes about 23 hours
  • 80 Min Duration
  • GT2 - PRO Class
  • Silverstone Track

This race is part of the GT2 European Series championship.

2,756 ACC PC
iRacing PC
Entry Closes about 23 hours
  • LMDh Class
  • Silverstone Circuit Track
Hosted by SOP Motorsport

This race is part of the Road To Le Mans Season 2 championship.

2,326 iRacing PC

The Simagic Hub

5mm High Quality Carbon Fibre Plate with aluminium body and parts, light-weight and with 8 programmable RBG buttons. Compatible with SIMAGIC wheelbases only

Functional & Affordable High-end Sim Racing Hardware

The Turn R305 wheel works with any driving simulator and has quickly gained popularity, often being called the best sim racing steering wheel!


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