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Upgrade your racing game with Invicta™ wheelbase! 🚀

🔥 Uncompromising on quality, materials, and design, Invicta™ stands out as the ultimate wheelbase with peak torque at 27Nm! 💯 At Asetek SimSports®, you don't have to choose between a true high-fidelity driver experience and a low price. Don't miss out on this opportunity to up your racing game today! 🏎️

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1,979 iRacing PC
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Introducing La Prima™, the entry-level series that stands out from the rest. 🏁

Are you interested in sim racing and on the hunt for an affordable, reliable, and beginner-friendly setup? Look no further! Introducing La Prima™, the entry-level series that stands out from the rest. 🏁 👉 La Prima Pedals are here to revolutionize your racing experience! Inspired by real-life racing and thoroughly tested by racers and sim racers, it delivers a realistic brake experience without breaking the bank. 🙏

2,386 iRacing PC
2,218 ACC PC
2,369 ACC PC
2,291 ACC PC
2,094 iRacing PC

ClubSport V3 by Fanatec. Fully Loaded.

Nothing will make you faster than a set of good pedals. Apply a realistic and strong pressure, and precisely control the brake with muscle tension, just like in a real car.

2,634 ACC PC
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