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Unlimited racing with friends and against competitors.


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Forever Upgrade to Pro anytime
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Discover more about your driving, measure your progress and support your community.


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Pro for Teams

Give your team and your drivers insights into their performance.


1 Team + 5 Drivers $1.50 / extra driver per month
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1 Team + 5 Drivers $1.50 / extra driver per month

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Introducing Performance Analysis

The heart of SimGrid Pro is our exclusive Performance Analysis app. See every lap from every stint and every race, in never-before-seen level of detail. Highlight your fastest laps, overtakes and pitstops in the context of the overall race.

Stints in Detail Solo and Team Events Compare Stints Positions Gained and Lost
Upgrade to SimGrid Pro and discover every detail about your stints and those of your co-drivers and competition.

No place to hide

Get an overview of every team driver’s stint in team events, and compare each driver’s performance against your own or another team.

Who was carrying the team?

Get a side-by-side breakdown of your drivers’ stints together, with every laptime, pitstop and position change highlighted.

Get further comparison with every laptime of each stint listed and color-coded for quick analysis.

Team Demo
Felipe Tunjo
Driver 1
Valid Laps
Valid Laps %
Drive Time

Lap by Lap Analysis

It's time to dive into the details of every stint of your race.

  • Fastest Laps
  • Valid Lap %
  • Rising Average
  • Positions Gained
  • Positions Lost
  • Laps from every Stint
  • Stint Driving Time
  • Compare Teammates
Upgrade to SimGrid Pro and discover every detail about your stints and those of your co-drivers and competition.

In-depth Statistics

SimGrid Pro gives you access to a wealth of statistics, giving you ever-increasing detail on your performance with clear and concise figures that integrate seamlessly with SimGrid’s Leaderboards. See total metrics of every lap, car and circuit choice you make across the ever increasing number of sim racing platforms SimGrid Supports.

Grid Rating Wins & Podiums Laps Driven Events Competed Performance Ratios

Grid Rating Progress

Track your Grid Rating progress per race, between the various racing games and platforms available on SimGrid.

Activity Overview

Gain insight into the variety and number of events you enter over the course of your sim racing career to determine where you perform best.

Race Sessions

Laps Driven

See how many laps you’ve driven across all race and qualifying sessions and determine your experience level across a variety of scenarios.

Total Laps Driven (Q+R) 98.99%
Total Race Laps 99.1%
Total Qualifying Laps 98.29%
Fastest Laps 0.0%

Performance Ratios

Put your results into context with performance ratios showing your percentage of wins, podiums and top finishes.

23.5 %
Win Ratio
Upgrade to SimGrid Pro and start unlocking more performance in your driving.

Track your Favorite Cars & Classes

Ever wondered which circuit you spend the most time racing, or which cars get the most seat time? Find out with SimGrid Pro.

Cars Most Driven Car classes most driven Most Successful Cars
Most Lapped Cars
Continental GT3 2018 2.1K laps
Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) 440 laps
Ginetta GT4 360 laps
Most Lapped Car Classes
GT3 3K laps
GT4 790 laps
Porsche Cup 350 laps
Most Successful Cars
Continental GT3 2018 2.2 Avg Position
Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) 3.8 Avg Position
Ginetta GT4 4.8 Avg Position
Upgrade to SimGrid Pro and learn more about your performance with different cars and tracks.

Favourite Tracks

Discover which tracks you've covered the most mileage on but also which tracks lead to the most success when you compete online.

Circuits Most Lapped Most Successful Circuits
Most Lapped Circuits
Donington Park 1.2K laps
Silverstone 951 laps
Brands Hatch 365 laps
Successful Circuits
Laguna Seca 3.1 Avg Position
Spa Francorchamps 4.1 Avg Position
Brands Hatch 4.5 Avg Position

But that is not all...

Calendar Sync

Never miss a race with the ability to sync your personal calendar with your upcoming races. Take full control of your schedule with SimGrid Pro calendar reminders.

Stand Out

Joining SimGrid Pro is not only about features but also supporting the platform. Show your support with a blue ring around your avatar displayed site wide.

Discord Role

Gain access to private channels and discussions on the SimGrid Discord Server with a unique Pro Discord role. You will also stand out from the crowd!

Disable Adverts

If you prefer a cleaner browsing experience you will now have the option of hiding adverts on the site when you are logged in as a SimGrid Pro member.

Upgrade to SimGrid Pro and never miss a race again.

SimGrid Pro for Teams

Unlock stats for your team and learn more about your drivers by enabling all of the features of SimGrid Pro for up to 5 drivers (Add additional drivers for a small fee). Get your drivers and engineers on the same page! Access team stats to compare results, elevate your effectiveness and make better team roster decisions.

  • Grid Rating Tracking for Drivers
  • Stats for Teams
  • Gift Pro features to 5 Team Members
  • Disable Adverts
  • Link Calendars


1 Team + 5 Drivers $1.50 / extra driver per month
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Billed monthly. Prices exclude VAT.

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