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VGTR Challenge
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VGTR Challenge

We do weekly races with one-off Endurance races every month!

2,232 ACC MOD PC
2,416 ACC MOD PC
2,331 ACC MOD PC
2,073 AMS2 PC
2,397 ACC MOD PC
2,254 ACC PC
2,358 ACC MOD PC
2,292 ACC MOD PC
2,044 AMS2 PC
2,123 ACC MOD PC
2,308 ACC MOD PC
2,136 ACC MOD PC
2,253 ACC PC
2,134 ACC PC
2,285 ACC PC

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Lightspeed Stampede

Lightspeed Stampede is a racing league for Assetto Corsa Competizione on the PS5. We race a different spec every season :)

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Motorsport UK Esports

Motorsport UK is the national membership organisation and governing body for four-wheel motorsport in the UK.

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Race eSport Team

We are a French simracing team starting to host some championships

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Jardier Community

Official Jardier Community for Events and League

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