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VGTR Challenge
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VGTR Challenge

We do weekly races with one-off Endurance races every month!

2,209 iRacing PC
2,553 ACC PC
2,416 ACC PC
2,331 ACC PC
2,073 AMS2 PC
2,397 ACC PC
2,254 ACC PC
3,022 ACC PC
2,358 ACC PC
2,292 ACC PC
2,044 AMS2 PC
2,141 ACC PC
2,123 ACC PC
2,226 ACC PC
2,308 ACC PC

Other Hosts

Forza Racing Series

We hold races every week with car classes from real world. Participants earn ₧ (our internal currency), which can be exchanged for prizes.

1 Events
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Top Gear Sim Racing

Eat - Sleep - Simrace - Repeat

17 Events
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Virtual Grand Prix

Swedish community. Weekly races and series.

1 Events
0 Boosts
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Race Pace Racing League

Welcome to Race Pace Racing League! Formed in 2021, We run an F1 23 league! We also have an ACC league which has newly opened!

3 Events
6 Boosts
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