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A place for gamers and motorsports enthusiasts alike to interact, race, and compete with one another in leagues and special events

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SNAIL Friday Night Racing

SNAIL a longstanding GT based spec league which has now expanded to Friday night racing on ACC for the PS5 platform.

1 Events
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Lindeboom Racing

Lindeboom Racing is not only a racing team, but also a community that organizes various championships! For Amateurs and Pros!

1 Events
0 Boosts
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GT Meister Racing

Hello Everyone, We are a Beginner North American League that races on PC. We race Assetto Corsa Competitzione GT3 on Friday at 9pm EST.

7 Events
1 Boosts
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Jerem Racing/JV24

We are a 15 year old French community that organizes tournaments on different racing games including ACC

1 Events
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