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The Sim Racing Collective

The Sim Racing Collective

1169 Followers · 61 Events · 2 Boosts

The Sim Racing Collective is a community made for all sim racing enthusiasts, no matter the platform or the game.

2,005 ACC PC
2,091 ACC PlayStation
2,496 ACC Xbox
2,936 ACC PC
2,512 ACC Xbox
2,132 ACC PlayStation
2,434 ACC PC
2,128 ACC PlayStation
2,434 ACC Xbox
ACC Xbox
2,794 ACC PC
2,075 ACC PlayStation
2,257 ACC Xbox
2,007 ACC PlayStation
2,461 ACC PC

Other Hosts


SimHaven offers clean, competitive racing for drivers of all levels. We offer F1 and F2 racing, as well as sprint and endurance format GT3!

15 Events
0 Boosts
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American Racing League

ARL is a North America based league running in ACC and GT7 on PS5. Mature and beginner friendly league welcoming drivers of all skill levels

7 Events
1 Boosts
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International Racing Series

Hi guys, We are the International Racing Series, we host Championship and Event on Assetto Corsa Competizione.

7 Events
0 Boosts
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Grid Racing League

Grid Racing League is a community with passion to clean and fast racing consisting of mainly people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

1 Events
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