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Light Speed Racing
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Light Speed Racing

We welcome everybody - No matter your pace and ability. Only requirement is that you are clean and want to have fun.

2,046 iRacing MOD PC
2,012 ACC MOD PC
2,437 ACC MOD PC
1,931 ACC MOD PC
2,378 ACC MOD PC
2,028 ACC MOD PC
2,589 ACC MOD PC
1,935 ACC MOD PC
2,194 iRacing PC
2,445 ACC MOD PC
2,375 ACC MOD PC
2,072 ACC MOD PC
2,157 ACC MOD PC
2,315 ACC MOD PC
2,406 ACC MOD PC

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A Monday night league based in the UK. Offering up a mixture of conditions and multipliers.

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Le Sarthe Series

Spanish simracing community organizer of championships and special events. Simulators, rf2, ACC and AMS2.

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NOOT F1 Championship

We at NOOT F1 are a bunch of F1 fans battling it out in a virtual F1 season.

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Assetto Corsa Competizione Bulgaria

A Bulgarian Close Friends Simracing Club. We are racing on ACC for PS5, focused on clean and competitive driving.

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