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DdD E-Sport Racing
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DdD E-Sport Racing

Home of GT3/4 & CUP Racing

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2,250 ACC Crossplay Private
2,406 ACC PlayStation
2,100 ACC PlayStation
1,995 ACC PlayStation
2,059 ACC PlayStation
1,869 ACC PlayStation
2,060 ACC PlayStation
2,070 ACC PlayStation
1,851 ACC PlayStation
2,006 ACC PlayStation
1,986 ACC PlayStation
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Other Hosts

MrGit SimRacing

Created the BigGrids and popularized the 2.4hr race format! Bringing my experience to SimGrid. "There's no bad sim, they're just different"

12 Events
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QLASH Simracing

QLASH Simracing is an Esports organization founded in Italy in 2017.

8 Events
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ERA Racing League

ERA Racing League, What started as a project became something great with amazing moments of racing everywhere. But that isn’t all Era Racing

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Genisus Esports

Community for Genisus Esports. Home of the Genisus Risk Kaizen Championship

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