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Bravo JDM Performance Series

Hosted by Bravo Racing Organization FM on Crossplay Followers Only
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All drivers are required to be in the Bravo Racing Organization discord server in order to race with us. You can join the server at the following link:


The discord server will have all of the information below, and is where to officially sign up for this series along with SimGrid. Drivers will be notified when the race lobby opens, and any further questions can be asked there.


We are using six cars to represent each of the Japanese manufacturers. They are:

- 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR - 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B-STi Version - 1998 Toyota Supra RZ - 1997 Mazda RX-7 - 1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec - 1992 Honda NSX-R

Each car will have to be BoPed to around the same PI (Performance Index) value: PI 500. Drivers will be expected to have their car at the PI value limit by buying any necessary car upgrades/tuning their car. This is to ensure close competition on the track.

Drivers are allowed to use a custom livery created by themselves or another player, but they can also enter with no livery (car paint only). There are no teams, instead drivers race for themselves and the manufacturer. We will make sure that there is no situation where there are two drivers with the same car and paint color/livery to help better identify drivers on track.


Races will be short, likely ranging from 9-15 laps depending on the track. A mandatory pitstop is required for each race, where drivers can refuel and change tires (drivers are allowed to start the race with enough fuel to cover the full race distance, thus not needing to refuel later). All races will take place during the day except for Suzuka which will be a night race. We may enable dynamic weather for some of the races.


Drivers should join the event lobby on Saturdays at 11 AM EST (4 PM GMT, 5 PM CEST, 8 AM PST). At this time, there will be a short practice. Following practice, there will be a short timed qualifying session. This will be done by having a "timed race" where we track each driver's best-lap during the session, since private multiplayer does not have proper qualifying functionality as of this moment. After qualifying ends, there will be a few minutes of warm-up before we start the race.

Five tracks will be used for this series, one track each Saturday. The race dates will be on the races page. They have yet to be announced. The rounds in order are as follows:

Round 1 - Barcelona-Catalunya (National layout)

Round 2 - Laguna Seca (Short/Historic layout)

Round 3 - Watkins Glen (Full layout)

Round 4 - Nurburgring (Sprint layout)

Round 5 - Suzuka (Full layout - Night race)


There is no in-race stewarding due to a lack of spectator mode. We will disable the in-game penalty system (except for corner cutting and track extending) and manually handle penalties/regulations after each race. The stewards will review the race replay and determine any appropriate warnings/penalties to be given out. This may include timed penalties/grid penalties for the next race the driver attends.


Assists allowed are: ABS, TC (all modes), Stability control, Automatic shifting. Moreover:

  1. - The suggested line (racing line) assist is not allowed in our private multiplayer lobbies/events/championships. This is because the line is normally meant for learning the track, and drivers who rely on the line too much are potential hazards to others on track, such as braking too early, missing braking points when going off the racing line for overtaking/defending, and driving into the back of someone due to not seeing where to brake.
  2. - Assisted throttle is not allowed due to impeding a driver's potential to accelerate.
  3. - The steering assist setting must be on Normal or Simulation.
  4. - Fully/partially assisted steering is not allowed as it automatically steers for drivers towards the racing line.
  5. - Fully/partially assisted braking is not allowed as it automatically brakes for drivers in corners.
  6. - Manual steering into pit must be on. Drivers are expected to enter the pitlane themselves, they are not allowed to use the pit entry assist. The reset-to-track assist is disabled in online and would not be allowed either.
  7. - Damage will be light.

    - As mentioned above, the in-game penalty system is not planned to be used during the race (except for corner cutting and track extending) and instead the stewards will review the race replay for potential warnings/penalties.

    - Drivers will be able to tune their car, provided it stays under or at the PI limit.

    - Drivers can use whatever car camera/FOV they are most comfortable with.


    We allow both wheel and gamepad/controller users to race with us. We normally do not recommend keyboard as a control setting, unless the driver with keyboard is able to race cleanly when around other cars.


    We recommend either an Xbox Series X for guaranteed performance or a PC capable of running Forza Motorsport to ensure that drivers do not experience massive frame drops. Xbox Series S is also a system drivers can use. If a driver is using the xCloud version of Forza Motorsport (such as on Xbox One or PC), then they must have a good connection so that their game does not stop unexpectedly or have constant FPS drops, and they must also be able to deal with input lag safely.


Bravo Racing Organization

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JDM Performance - Mazda/Mitsubishi/Subaru 2,000
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JDM Performance - Honda/Nissan/Toyota
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Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via Bravo Racing Organization's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR - 1999
  • SUBARU Impreza 22B-STi Version - 1998
  • Mazda RX-7 - 1997

No-Show Rules

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