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All signups must also join the discord and get the gt4 role:

This series was started before this page was made so some drivers haven't signed up here yet. Currently we have ~17 drivers in this series.

Season Length: 11 total weeks - 9 race weekends with two break weeks

Race Length:
6 "normal" - 60 mins with a mandatory pit for tires during pit window.
2 "sprint" - 2x 30 min races, no mandatory pit.
Season finale is 90 mins with a mandatory pit for tires during pit window.

Car Class used: 6 races are GT4, 2 are CUP, 1 is ST

Additional DLC needed - Only IGTC will be needed for this season

Skill level - All skill levels are welcome

Custom Liveries - fully custom liveries are allowed

Do I have to be from the NA region - No but you do need a consistent reasonable ping. Search for Apollo in the server browser to check your ping to our public lobby.


8 50

Event Dates

Start Date
Race Day
Next Round

Classes & Cars

  • Alpine GT4
  • Aston Martin GT4
  • Audi R8 GT4
  • BMW M4 GT4
  • Chevrolet Camaro GT4
  • Ginetta GT4
  • KTM GT4
  • Maserati GT4
  • McLaren 570s GT4
  • Mercedes AMG GT4
  • Porsche Cayman GT4

No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
10 Points
No Show Penalty
0 Points
Withdrawals Allowed

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