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DML | GR86 Base Content Cup | GR86 BCC S2-23

Hosted by Delta Motorsports League iRacing on PC Followers Only
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Hello and welcome to Delta Motorsports League's Base Content Cup S2-23, featuring the GR86. 
The spirit of the DML Base Content Cup is to provide a fun competitive series featuring cars and tracks available with the base iRacing subscription. 
This series is intended for drivers of all licenses and experience levels. The only requirements are fun, a good attitude, and respectful driving between competitors. 
Events are weekly on Saturday nights (US Eastern Time)  
How to join the series:
1) Join the Delta Motorsports League Discord: http://discord.gg/simracing
2) Join Delta Motorsports League on iRacing by either:      
     • iRacing Launcher league search feature (Search: "Delta Motorsports League")      
     • iRacing Website: Delta Motorsports League
Each event itinerary be as follows:
• 2:00pm EST - Server Launch (Open Practice 1hr 10min)
• 3:10pm EST - Qualifying (Individual 10min / 3 Laps)

• 3:20pm EST - R1 Start (20min)

• 3:40pm EST - R2 Start (20min)

Tracks and Schedule:
R1) March 25 - Summit Point (Jefferson)
R2) April 1 - Tsukuba (Short)
R3) April 8 - Lime Rock (Chicanes)
R4) April 15 - VIR (North)
R5) April 22 - Laguna Seca
R6) April 29 - Oulton Park (International)
*See Championship Rules For Further Details


Delta Motorsports League

51 Followers · 2 Events

GR Cup
21 50

Event Communications

Keep up to date with all event related announcements and communications via Delta Motorsports League's Discord Server.

Classes & Cars

  • Toyota GR86

No-Show Rules

Max Allowed Penalties
10 Points
No Show Penalty
5 Points
Withdrawals Allowed
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